Meet the Team


Todd Burgess

As a member of the Real Estate Institute of Canada, Todd’s formal education process of obtaining accreditations as a CPM, Certified Property Manager, ARM, Accredited Residential Manager, ACoM, Accredited Commercial Manager and CLO, certified leasing officer will be completed in 2022. Todd has a passion to leverage his near 10 years of property management experience with the 20 years of corporate leadership experience to enhance the performance of the assets held by ROI Property Managements’ clients.


Melanie Burgess

ROI Property Management has had the fortune of benefitting from Melanie’s sturdy, unwavering personal values, goals and leadership attributes. Guided by deep rooted, principled and profound ability to effortlessly, naturally care for others, Melanie has bundled over a decade of corporate / professional leadership and management successes into ROI Property Management’s day-to-day business requirements and business plans.

Leveraging both Melanie’s personal and business life successes for the needs of ROI Property Management have been and will continue to be the foundation for growth and success of the clients and residents we serve. Our clients, as well as our residents and the community as a whole need and expect the type of practical, ethical leadership and decision making that few young professionals can bring to the table in the relentless way Melanie instinctively does. ROI Property Management’s business plan incorporates a belief that there is a void to fill in the Property Management industry. Melanie truly believes by stringently incorporating ethical, practical decision-making processes, and incorporating them with today’s available technology solutions will ensure ROI Property Management make positive and impactful change on the community we serve.

Katelyn Duval

Katelyn is a very hardworking, efficient and dedicated professional. Katelyn is very passionate in following the REIC code of ethics practices in regards to property management. As the Manager of Operations and Administration, Katelyn is eager to support our clients by providing exceptional customer service and provides all clients with the utmost respect. Katelyn carries herself with integrity and does not waver from the core values of ROI Property Management. 
Katelyn provides organizational strategies, optimizing internal operations and process implementation. Katelyn supports our focus on the overall goals of serving the community to the best of our abilities.