About Us

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Who We Are

ROI Property Management are a Real Estate Institute of Canada accredited, insured property management company operated by Melanie and Todd Burgess. Melanie and Todd are real estate investors holding and managing real estate assets as well as experienced property managers supporting investors throughout the Simcoe County and surrounding regions.

Mission & Vision

To be the most trusted property management team in Central Ontario supporting the residents, clients, partnerships and communities we respectfully serve. We intend to efficiently fulfill our stated goals through a balanced use of technology as well as passionate, integrity-based communication and leadership.

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About Us

Melanie and Todd strive to bring their entrepreneurial spirit, experience, dedication, leadership and humility to ambitiously support real estate investors with their own unique objectives. Our overall goal is to respectfully represent our investors to foster successful partnerships with the residents / tenants of the properties our clients own. ROI Property Management have proven over time that when the aforementioned is strategically executed with a plan built upon the foundation of integrity, the result will be liquid, valuable, profitable assets which can be leveraged for current and future financial success.

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Success Stories / Testimonials

“Melanie and Todd Burgess from ROI Property Management began chatting with me through a mutual friend after they asked me to support with purchasing an investment property for themselves. After detailing their property management services to me, I gave them an opportunity to manage a few of my own tenants. After realizing the value of the services they provide, it gave me confidence to purchase additional properties knowing I had a solid property management team behind me. ROI Property Management now manage all of my tenants for me and do an outstanding job. I consider Melanie and Todd’s moral character to be of the highest regard. I feel ROI Property Management are always working to ensure they fulfill the best interest of both me and my tenants. Melanie and Todd exude excitement and enthusiasm when speaking out property management as well as their business vision. Melanie and Todd at ROI Property Management complete countless jobs for me, they answer all my questions in a timely manner and provide valuable insight to many of our own clients when consulted. ROI Property Management treat all of my tenants as if they are their own clients. ”

Curtis G. | Investor

“They are a pleasure to work with. I have never known someone to take the time to get to know us as people and make it more than just business. I know that they have our best interests at heart and it make’s every interaction a pleasant experience. We are quite lucky to be working with such an amazing couple”

Jordan N. | Resident

“We moved into Melanie & Todd’s rental property in October of last year. From the day we met them to now, they have always been amazing landlords. They are always quick to answer any concerns we have and genuinely care about their tenants. We live in a beautiful neighborhood in Barrie and they always make sure our property is well maintained.”

Alysha A. | Resident

“As a tenant of a property under ROI I have nothing but absolute praise regarding the service provided by Mel and Todd. The standard of diligence, professionalism, compassion and quality is only of the highest level. ROI is simply the best in the business. As a person, having the opportunity to develop a relationship with Mel and Todd has only been beneficial for myself. They care, they are a key ingredient to success and I cant thank them enough for being how good they really are!”

Nigel B. | Resident

“Melanie and Todd have extremely effective communication which makes for a stress free environment. They are compassionate and fair, and being their tenant is very positive experience.”

Carley K. | Resident