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Hutton Burgess 

Although a 2004 birthdate, Hutton begun his support of ROI Property Management several years ago. This was a very important time in the evolution of ROI Property Management and we needed the support Hutton could offer. Our business needs were real and Hutton was there to support with the heavy lifting. Although only 14 years old at the time, Hutton stepped in to do an incredible job by both learning about our needs and supporting to get many not so glamorous tasks completed. The goal at ROI Property Management from day one was to support our clients with ensuring their rental properties had the curb appeal our residents deserved. Without Hutton’s work ethic and continued support, we would have been left to contract landscape and other activities out. Surely, we would have missed our opportunity to grow the business into what it is now both as a team and family.

Hutton has evolved immensely from a 14-year-old laborer. Hutton is now recruiting, managing and in some cases even training other members of the landscape team. Backed by a work ethic no doubt born from competing in the sports he loves, Hutton’s commitment to the business has enabled ROI Property Management to support our clients with larger projects on the landscaping and hardscaping side of the business. As you will see from some of the video and pics of the work the team has completed, Hutton is always right in the middle of the action, becoming a machine operator so ROI Property Management can take our game to another level!

Hutton’s contributions to the growth and success of ROI Property Management do not end on the landscape side of the business. Hutton has committed to supporting ROI Property Management with some softer skills tied to administrative functions as well. With the support of teammates at Mediasuite as well as Melanie and Todd, Hutton has agreed to leverage what so many of our younger forward-thinking tech generation have become proficient at, social media. ROI Property Management has not had a social media and digital presence up until recently, however we are committed to connecting to the community in the most proficient way we know how. We recognize social media brands such as Facebook and Instagram are the mediums of choice to in part to create these important community connections. Although it will be an all hands-on deck team effort, Hutton has committed to quarterbacking social media for ROI Property Management. Through social media we plan to foster the digital relationships and community connections which we are confident are so important for the future of our residents and clients.

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