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Although ROI Property Management’s best practices are focused in many different ways to functionally support both the physical asset as well as the residents we manage, our investor objectives and goals must be what we first understand. To be in a position to collaboratively support win / win outcomes all around with sustainable long-term successful initiatives, owner objectives are the primary focus of our value proposition. As previously mentioned within the content of our website, all of the partnerships we have built are extremely important to us, however at the top of the value chain is you, the investor, the landlord or property owner.

Below we have shared many of the best practices tied to ROI Property Management’s value proposition for you, the investor. ROI Property Management strive to implement as many of the below best practices to ensure the objectives of our investors are met and strong partnerships are forged across all critical stakeholders.

  • Annual face-to-face investor / property management meetings supported with executive summaries to collaborate on agendas items tied to year-end financial reporting for both overall results and reports for tax preparation. We prepare budgets, budget variance reports, and forecasting tied to future goals. Meetings are supported with annual investor portfolio package with detailed performance analysis tying both market comparable data to the actual data in our investor’s unique portfolio.
  • Value chain mapping. Roadmaps created collaboratively to ensure investor objectives are met. Improving NOI, increasing market value of investments, what capital investments to invest in and when, portfolio expanding strategies.
  • Management of all N-forms.
  • Full or partial financial month-over-month management support strategies.
  • Tenant pulse checks
  • Standard operating procedures come standard at ROI Property Management to drive value for our investors. SOP’s include; standardized billing processes, capital expense / PO authorization procedures, construction management / procurement, standardized tenant screening processes, tenant turnover operational procedures.
  • Investor and resident onboarding policy’s and procedures.
  • Resident and investor satisfaction surveys

Managing the Physical Asset

  • Property Maintenance and Risk Management Programs
  • Inspection and Risk Analysis
  • Maintenance Management (utility reduction planning)
  • Sustainability Programs
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Property Management and Reporting
  • Emergency and Disaster Planning

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Client Testimonials

Melanie and Todd have extremely effective communication which makes for a stress free environment. They are compassionate and fair, and being their tenant is very positive experience.

Carley K. | Resident

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