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Mosquito & Tick Barrier Services

A key to enjoying our personal sanctuaries, (whether it be our primary residence or cottage) for so many of us in Canada during the short summer season is ensuring we are able to spend as much time outside without pests being in our personal space.

How often do we choose not to go outside because of the mosquitoes? Or lather in mosquito repellant just to think about going outside? So often we find ourselves and family staying indoors when we would be enjoying the outdoors, especially on those too few beautiful evenings.

Have you spent time trying to remove ticks who have been burying themselves in a fury family member?

As we all know, within so many geographic areas in Canada, spending time outside can be a challenge during the months and times we most want to be outside due to unwanted pests, (mosquitoes). This can be a huge challenge for both our immediate family as well as our very important furry family members. Both ticks and mosquitoes are pests we all would like to be without. Thankfully there are safe, organic, all-natural products that can rid us of these unwanted pests. A product that enables us to spend the worry-free, quality family time outside we work so hard for and deserve. Our all-natural product will not harm your family, friends, pets, the environment or your cash flow. As professionals we use the best environmentally friendly product in the market.

Remember your special events for the special moments, not the pests. One-time spraying for special events is available. We offer season long packages which include multiple sprayings throughout the spring and summer.

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