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Melanie and Todd Burgess began their real estate partnership journey almost a decade ago. At the time of entry into the real estate community, being investors sounded exciting, perhaps even an easy alternative to earn a passive income. We believe like all investors, to this day we hold onto the theory that with continued focus and a ton of hard work throughout a fixed period of time, our real estate investing will pay us back for all the hours we have invested. We learned quickly that when managing tangible real estate assets properly, there is nothing easy about it.

We would like to thank our readers for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you enjoy learning a little about our story, see value in what we do when visiting our entire site and potentially even consider learning more about the value of a partnership with ROI Property Management. Perhaps like us, as a real estate investor you have also learned that being a landlord often does not prove to be quite as exciting as it may have seemed at the point of entry? This reality set in for us right about the time there was a flood in the basement of one of our properties because of a toilet being plugged with a toy, or when a tenant suddenly had an inability to pay rent for multiple months, stopped paying all together and we had to manage an eviction process. Vacancies in tough economic times are no picnic, stresses over tenant selections are not enjoyable, a seemingly unfair negotiation with trades people can often happen. Major capital expenditure not budgeted for are stress free, right? Preparing income statements for year-end tax time….. awesome after work or weekend activities. Over the life cycle of any landlords hard-working journey, the learning at many times for will prove to be equally humbling as it will be hard work and late nights more than it will ever be exciting. The reality of holding and managing a physical real estate asset is not an easy juggling act to earn a passive income, especially when for so many there is typically family and careers to manage simultaneously. Like in life as in real estate investing, there appears to be no elevator to success, we must use the stairs. With that said, real estate investing has certainly proven to be financially rewarding for many, especially over the long term. However, as any honest, experienced landlord will share, to be successful at being a landlord, it takes a vast amount of long-term strategic effort, coupled with a high degree of interpersonal skills, patience and experience to effectively manage the needed partnerships to reap the financial rewards, hence the birth of ROI Property Management.

Melanie and Todd strive to bring their entrepreneurial spirit, experience, dedication, leadership and humility to ambitiously support other real estate investors with their own unique objectives. Our overall goal is to respectfully represent our investors to foster successful partnerships with the residents / tenants of the properties our clients own. ROI Property Management have proven over time that when the aforementioned is strategically executed with a plan built upon the foundation of integrity, the result will be liquid, valuable, profitable assets which can be leveraged for current and future financial success.

Is a business name with meaning integral to success? Perhaps not in all cases. At ROI Property Management, Melanie and Todd feel strongly that it’s important to have a business name which holds important and guiding meaning. Melanie and Todd wanted their business name to have meaning for their current and prospective clients as well as every one of their partners. Hence adopting one of the most important and commonly used acronyms in business to any business partnership. A question every executive asks each and every time an investment of time and or money is made. When deals are born and executed it is almost a guarantee that someone asks someone “what is the Return On my Investment, or what is the ROI?” Melanie and Todd’s goals are to ensure whomever partners with ROI Property Management, there will be always be a tangible, valuable return on their investment. We strive to ensure our partners always see the value of the time we can give back to our clients while cost effectively managing their real estate assets.

Whether partnering with investors, residents, relators, financial institutions, contractors, trades people, engineers, appraisers, municipality professionals, energy companies, building inspectors, insurance brokers, lawyers, paralegals, box store staff, or any of the other folks that are integral to the success of managing a real estate asset, we view all of these folks as our partners and thus strive to ensure there will be a return on their collective investments in ROI Property Management. These hard-working people are our partners and are integral to the future success of any real estate asset, the community as a whole and ROI Property Management. Each and every one of the people we partner with day in and day out, support and contribute to our success and therefore deserve our sincerity, gratitude and will be communicated to with the utmost integrity. We are grateful for all that these people teach us and support us with.

Yours truly,

Melanie and Todd Burgess

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